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  • Jenna Falcy

Why do mums rock the virtual assistant world?

Being a mother is both fulfilling and demanding. It can be challenging to balance work and family life, especially when children are young. That's why more and more mothers are turning to the profession of remote freelance administrative assistance.


This profession offers numerous benefits for women who wish to work from home and organize their work schedule around their family needs.

Flexibility and autonomy for freelance administrative assistant

As a freelance administrative assistant, you are your own boss. You set your work hours and manage your workload as you see fit. This allows you to spend more time with your children and be present for important moments in their lives.

Freelance administrative assistant Switzerland

Professional fulfilment

Freelance administrative assistance is diverse and stimulating career. You will have the opportunity to work on different projects for various clients. This will enable you to utilize your skills and develop new ones.

Better balance between work and family life

By working from home, you avoid commuting and save time. You can thus better organise your day and fully enjoy your time with your children.

So why do they actually rock?

Organized and efficient: managing a household and a family requires rigorous organization. Mothers are experts at juggling multiple tasks, meeting tight deadlines, prioritizing, and adapting to unexpected situations.

Empathy and communication: they communicate clearly, concisely, and diplomatically. Their strong listening skills and empathy are essential for building trust with clients and providing quality service.

Resourcefulness and autonomy: accustomed to finding solutions to daily problems, mothers are autonomous and capable of taking initiative without needing constant supervision.

Flexibility and adaptability: the virtual assistant profession, offers flexible hours and work locations and is therefor perfect for mothers who can thus balance professional and personal life. They easily adapt to different teams and corporate cultures.

Supporting network

Many communities and associations exist for business owner mothers in Switzeralnd, such as These communities can offer valuable support and allow you to connect with other women who share the same experiences.

Becoming a freelance administrative assistant is a challenge, but it is also a fantastic opportunity for mothers.


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