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Comment devenir assistante virtuelle

Virtual Assistant Squad


Squad assistante virtuelle

The mission of the Squad is to support virtual assistants in Switzerland in the creation and development of their activity.

By offering comprehensive training and consulting sessions, my goal is to give you all the keys to creating a profitable and sustainable business to allow you to find a balance between your professional and private life.


Why a Squad? Because we are a community, working in the same fiels, towards a common goal on specific missions ;)

My mission is simple yet ambitious: to support and guide you in the creation and development of your business as a virtual assistant. I firmly believe that each of you has the potential to thrive with the right guidance and adequate support.

At the core of my initiative is a comprehensive training program designed to impart essential skills that will enable you to excel in this career. In addition to the training course, I offer personalised consulting and coaching sessions aimed at providing practical and strategic advice to help you grow your business.

The Squad is not just a training platform; it's a thriving community of virtual assistants united by a passion for developing their skills and excelling in their work.

Formation pour devenir assistante virtuelle
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