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Jenna Zabrescak assistante virtuelle

Freelance Assistant

Not your average assistant

Welcome to my website!

Hi there

My name is Jenna, and I am a virtual assistant in Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.


I help small businesses and freelancers in the region with all their administrative and creative tasks (graphic design), whether it's remotely or on-site. My services are offered on an hourly basis, with no salary to pay and with no strings attached.

With my years of experience, I have also developed services to assist those who wish to change careers and become virtual assistants. I offer training, consulting, and coaching to help them start and grow their business in this field.

Jenna Zabrescak

Jenna Assistante virtuelle professionnelle

With over 15 years of experience as an Executive and Personal assistant for international companies such as UEFA, SITA and Eroma Group, I am definitely multi-skilled.


I can offer full flexibility as I am a fast, efficient and creative worker. I am comfortable using Mac and PC, and have experience working on many different systems such as Office365, Abaninja, Winbiz, Bexio, Adobe Creative Suite, Later, Trello, Wrike, etc.  


For more details, take a look at my About page, my LinkedIn profile or just make contact! Would love to have a chat with you. 

Becoming a virtual assistant

Are you juggling between your professional and personal life? Or are you simply looking for a more flexible job that suits you better? Then it's time to take control of your career!

Whether you're an administrative assistant, a personal assistant, an executive assistant, or any other admin professional, these aspirations are not just for the younger generations or digital nomads.

Discover how to:

  • Work comfortably from home

  • Choose your own hours according to your needs

  • Become your own boss

Create a professional life that suits you, spend more time with your loved ones, and fully realize your potential!

Jenna assistante freelance

How can I help you ?


Assistante virtuelle en Suisse

Become a Virtual Assistant

You want to become a virtual assistant to enjoy a work-life balance & spend more time with your family and loved ones!

assistante administrative freelance en suisse

Administrative & personal

You are a business or busy individual in need of assistance with all your administrative tasks (invoicing, quotes, customer service, etc.) on either Abaninja, Winbiz or Bexio or simply need help organising your schedule and daily activities.

Assistante virtuelle suisse Formation pour devenir assistante virtuelle en suisse

Creative assistant graphic design & social media

You need help developing your presence on social media or are looking for a graphic designer to create your visual identity, logo, website, business card, advertising materials, etc.

assistante administrative indépendante

What they said


Your work and your talent really impress me!
I really made the right choice when I spoke to you, you immediately understood my world and what it represents, well done!

- Fanny Brigante,

They already trust me...

European club association
UEFA Academy
Fallet sanitaire

Let’s meet up!


Meeting is an important phase of our collaboration. This is when we can get to know each other and discuss your project or when I can visit your offices and possibly meet your team and.


I would be happy to meet you over a coffee, either in your offices or outside, or during a videocall on Zoom, Teams, etc.

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