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  • Jenna Falcy

How to delegate email management to a virtual assistant

How to delegate email management to a virtual assistant
How to delegate email management to a virtual assistant

One of my most popular services is email management. It’s such a simple yet time consuming task for my clients and one of my all-time favorite jobs. Not only because I can see the difference I bring to my client’s workload, but also because I am an organization freak i.e. I cannot bare having unread emails!

There are various reasons why you may need my virtual assistant services for your email management:

  1. Your inbox is out of control with over hundreds of unread emails

  2. It’s chaos: unwanted newsletters mixed with urgent emails

  3. You simply don’t have the time to respond to all messages

  4. You have no folders and cannot find the most important emails

We will need to go through a few practical steps with clear instructions on how you will want your email box managed.

Step 1. Create a list of type of emails

Let’s meet up and create a list together of the different types of emails you receive. For example:

  • Newsletters you would like to keep, archive or delete / unsubscribe from

  • Friends and family

  • Colleagues

  • Management teams

  • Advertisement

  • etc.

Step 2. Email templates

I will need you to create templates, thank you notes, generic replies, etc. so that we can ensure that I am always in line with your management style, approach and ensure a good communication with your contacts.

Step 3. Access to your email

Decide to what extent you would like your virtual assistant to have access to your emails.

Providers such as Outlook or Gmail allow shared inbox with different access levels. Let’s discuss this, I can easily tell you the different solutions and suggestions pending your email provider.

Step 4. Briefing

We will need to communicate. It may be a 5 min phone call before or after I start working on your emails. We can use that time to ensure that we both share with each other any urgent matters required in your inbox and you can dictate any responses that require your personal attention.

Step 5. Be patient

Although you will be surprised by how quickly I will arrange and organize your inbox, it will take some time until we have the procedures set and the communication is flowing between us.

Remember the more we work together, the more responsibilities I will take over and the less you will need to worry about your emails.


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