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Consulting pour devenir assistante virtuelle suisse

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Are you an administrative assistant or executive assistant considering a transition to becoming a virtual assistant? Are you hesitant, unsure, or even scared to take the leap into this new career path? You're not alone. Many aspiring virtual assistants have the same questions, doubts, and fears as you do.


Are you wondering if the virtual assistant career could actually work for you?


It's natural to have doubts about making a career change, especially when it involves starting your own business. But let me assure you, the potential for success as a virtual assistant is very real.


I was once in your shoes, an assistant with a burning desire for more. Now, I run a thriving virtual assistant business, and I'm passionate about helping others do the same.  Especially in Switzerland, where the virtual assistant scene is wide open for pioneers like you!



I called on Jenna for private coaching, and it was fantastic! Jenna is caring and attentive. The time was very well spent; she answered all my questions and even more.

She helped me confirm that my project was on the right track to becoming a virtual assistant. Thank you so much for your advice and tips! I'm looking forward to getting started!

See you soon.

Ana, Aspiring Virtual Assistant

My consulting sessions are designed to answer all your questions about being a virtual assistant and give you the advice you need to get your business off the ground.

This consulting session is perfect for you if:

  • You are a professional from administrative backgrounds (administrative assistant, executive assistant, personal assistant, etc.)

  • You're curious about the VA career but have doubts and unanswered questions

  • You're located in Switzerland and want to navigate the specific business landscape there

  • You're ready to take control and build a fulfilling career on your terms

Don’t let the fear hold you back! Book your consulting session and take the first step towards your new career!

Consulting pour devenir assistante virtuelle suisse



Don't let fear hold you back. Schedule a consultation now and take the first step towards your new career as a virtual assistant! Whether you want to explore the possibilities of the profession, get advice to start your business, or simply dispel your doubts, I'm here to support you in this process.

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