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formation assistante freelance

The speakers

Training course to become a virtual assistant in Switzerland

The speakers

This virtual assistant training course is a unique opportunity to learn alongside four expert speakers in their respective fields.


You will benefit from the expertise and advice of these professionals, whom you can interact with during the training and who will address all your questions. You will also have the opportunity to share your experiences and projects, as well as network and establish connections with other participants.

Jenna Zabrescak

Formation pour devenir assistante freelance

With over 4 years of experience as a virtual assistant, I have gained solid expertise, and I am ready to reveal all the secrets that will help you excel in this field.

My main goal is to provide you with comprehensive training so that you have all the keys to ensure success and longevity in your career.

I am deeply committed to the development of this profession. The more we raise our voices and communicate effectively, the more opportunities we create for ourselves and others.

I am excited to accompany you on this exciting journey!

Valérie Escandon

Val's Pictures is a passionate professional photographer who is dedicated to the art of capturing striking images that tell unique stories.

Valérie has worked with numerous dynamic entrepreneurs, helping them create strong and memorable visual identities. Her artistic approach is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a constant pursuit of authenticity.

Valérie will be part of this training to offer you an individual photo session where you can express yourself and showcase your unique personality.

As a result, you will have a professional portrait that reflects the values of your business.

Formation Assistante virtuelle
Alejandro Espinoza

Alejandro Espinoza

With 10 years of professional experience in fiduciary services, Alex Espinoza is an expert in finance and accounting. He has been responsible for mandates at Cofidex for the past 7 years, demonstrating excellence in his field.

As a certified DigitalCoach by Swiss21, Alex combines traditional skills with digital tools to offer you a training experience that is both enjoyable and exciting.

Through his guidance, you will explore the fundamentals of business creation, accounting, fiduciary advice, and the use of modern tools. Alex Espinoza will prepare you to successfully tackle professional challenges.

Sarah Berclaz

Sarah Berclaz is a specialist in digital marketing and social media. After obtaining her master's degree in digital communication, she chose to help small business' and entrepreneurs shine on the internet.


Her main mission is to support her clients in implementing personalized digital strategies. In 2022, she became an instructor with the goal of teaching practical approaches and the realities of the field, empowering entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient in their digital communication.

As an instructor, Sarah Berclaz provides a lively and interactive learning experience. Her playful and passionate approach will immerse you in the latest trends in digital marketing and social media. Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards digital success with Sarah Berclaz? Fasten your seatbelts!

Sarah Berclaz
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