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  • Jenna Falcy

How I became a virtual assistant

Comment je suis devenue assistante virtuelle
Jenna Zabrescak

I was an administrative assistant at UEFA before I became a virtual assistant. I don't hide the fact that it was not easy to make the decision to leave my position, which I loved.

It provided me with a comfortable salary, the opportunity to travel, and the chance to work within an exceptional team with a director I respected (simply a dream job for an administrative assistant, as you can imagine).

When I embarked on this adventure, many said that I had lost my mind, they simply didn't understand what a virtual assistant was, or didn't believe in its potential development in Switzerland.

Deep down, I simply knew, I wanted something different: freedom, flexibility, and creativity. And that was my chance to do something great.

It was in 2019, before Covid had appeared in Switzerland, and home office wasn't yet in our vocabulary. Obviously, I had not chosen the best time to become a freelancer.

How I became a virtual assistant
Follow that dream

So, I experienced ups and downs, periods of heavy workload and others quieter. Despite all the doubts and self-reflection, I wouldn't change my path for anything in the world.

Being an entrepreneur is clearly not an easy thing, but it is completely worth it.

I can only advise all those who dream of becoming a virtual assistant: GO FOR IT and don't give up! The satisfaction you'll find in managing your own business simply has no price.

Today, my main goal is to help others start and find that balance between their personal and professional lives. My vision is simply to spend more time doing things we love rather than being confined in an office, even with a comfortable and stable income.


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