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  • Jenna Falcy

Frequently Asked Question - Virtual assistant

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent professional who provides either administrative services (tasks such as invoicing, email management, data entry, etc.) or creative services (social media management, graphic design, digital marketing, etc.). The virtual assistant works remotely or in the offices of various clients, without the costs and commitments associated with hiring an employee.

What are the different names used for a virtual assistant?

There are many names for the same profession: freelance assistant, digital assistant, remote assistant, independent secretary, independent assistant, independent administrative assistant, creative assistant, digital nomad, etc.

Why is a training rcourse ecommended?

Starting as a virtual assistant may seem like an easy transition for many, but the reality is often more complex. Becoming a virtual assistant involves creating and managing a business. This is where the importance of a training comes in, which goes beyond operational skills to encompass all aspects of running a successful business.

Can I be an employee alongside my virtual assistant activity?

Yes, you can have multiple activities. However, you do need to ensure that your employer accepts your secondary activity as a virtual assistant and that there are no non-compete clauses in your contract.

I would like to spend more time with my family, is the work done entirely remotely?

Yes, in general, but for me it has always been important to meet my clients at the start of each mission. This first contact is not only essential to establish work procedures, but also to ensure that the feeling passes well between us. This initial meeting allows us to better understand the expectations and to clearly define the objectives of our collaboration.

In addition, I work closely with my clients' fiduciaries. This cooperation sometimes requires meetings to discuss specific topics, coordinate our actions and ensure that all parties are on the same page.

Can I be retired and work as a virtual assistant?

It's an excellent solution for those who retire but wish to continue working occasionally.

Can I work entirely remotely and travel?

Yes, absolutely, but you need to gain the trust of clients before being able to work 100% remotely. I still advise meeting your clients in person during the initial sessions and taking the time to work occasionally from their office when you are in Switzerland.

Is it difficult to find clients?

Finding clients is obviously the priority for any new entrepreneur. As independent professionals, it is up to us to promote and give visibility to our services and to actively seek out clients. That's why the training includes a "prospecting and sales" module where I explain all the steps of the sales process, from finding clients to invoicing, and share all my advice to help you find your own clients.

What services does a virtual assistant offer?

Administrative tasks such as invoicing, quotes, payment reminders, accounting data entry, email management, client follow-up, document digitization and organization, etc., or "creative" services such as social media management, community management, graphic design, web design, marketing assistance, etc.

You can offer services that match your skills and previous experience, whether professional or personal.

Still have some questions? Don't hesitate to reach out, I am always happy to help!


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